Mercy Mission’s deeds not confined to Ramadan only

Jul 27, 2014 | News

Ramadan has always been the month of giving but for non-governmental organisation Mercy Mission, the good deed continues throughout the year.

Through its Charity Right campaign, Mercy Mission (not to be mistaken for Mercy Malaysia or Mercy Corps) aims to feed the poor, the homeless and the destitute regardless of their race, religion and nationality.

The programme went ahead with 50 meals distributed weekly.

The figure has since snowballed to 115,000 meals a month, feeding poor people in need of food, including the homeless, refugees, the poor and orphans.

“If your neighbour is hungry, it is your responsibility to feed your neighbour, not the Government’s.

“The hadith is clear, Prophet Muhammad said your neighbour has a huge right over you. So you’ll be sinful if you sleep at night while your neighbour goes to bed hungry,” Sajid said in an interview.

He said most Muslims only concentrated on giving in Ramadan and not other months.

“Charity Right wants to break that mentality. Our programme is constant and it does not stop after a month,” he said, adding that hunger was an issue that affected humanity worldwide.

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