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Our Story

Mercy Mission began with an idea. What is the most effective way to create positive social impact in a global way by combining the efforts of talented and educated Muslims?

Thinking about the prophetic mission of Muhammad ibn Abdullah (peace be upon him), we see the Prophet’s concern for all things: conveying the Quran; teaching about Allah; defending the faith; looking after the poor, the orphans and the elderly; elevating the status of women;
empowering the youth; establishing a community; building economic strength;  and even worrying about animals and nature.

So clearly, if we claim to be following in the footsteps of the Final Messenger (peace be upon him), then we need to likewise take on challenges in different problem areas that affect Muslims and the world today.

Emboldened by this idea, a new type of organization was envisioned, an organization that brings together skilled and motivated Muslims to build projects focused on education, service and positive social impact. This mission had to be broad-based and globally relevant. The mission would be motivated by our desire to follow in the footsteps of the Messenger of God (peace be upon him) who was a mercy to all creation (rahmatul-lil-aalimeen). From here, Mercy Mission was born.


Inspired by this message and bound together by common values, young Muslim professionals in various countries began forming local teams, setting ambitious goals for themselves and launching projects in various sectors. Several countries, including Malaysia, have launched projects in diverse sectors such as women’s services and empowerment, international food aid, Islamic education and refugee support programs.

Since its incorporation in 2012, Mercy Mission Malaysia has touched the lives of millions through its various projects and initiatives.

How we work

Mercy Mission Malaysia is an incorporated non-profit organization whose goal is to incubate and fund projects that have significant social impact. Mercy Mission’s model is to create tested blueprints for Muslim communities to implement in their localities to empower Muslims, create opportunities for volunteerism, provide access to education, and meet the needs of the vulnerable.

Founded to pursue the vision of the final Messenger (peace be upon him), Mercy Mission organizations throughout the world work collaboratively with community partners to see a world where every Muslim is able to live faithfully to their belief, building an exemplary Islamic community that benefits humanity.



To pursue the vision of the Final Messenger (peace be upon him) and work towards a world where every Muslim lives faithfully to their beliefs building exemplary Islamic communities that benefit humanity.



Our mission is to lead by example by developing our capabilities, launching and sustaining innovative and impactful projects, building positive relationships between the Muslim community and wider civil society, encouraging community collaboration, and mentoring future leaders.

Every activity which Mercy Mission Malaysia seeks to undertake, must contribute towards achieving one or more of our core objectives:

To increase Piety
To increase Self Sufficiency
To increase Confidence
To increase Selflessness

Mercy Mission Malaysia Team

Country Manager

Shamil Mohd Alauddin

Operations Executive

Mohd Luqman Hakim Yaakub

Deputy Country Manager

Hassaan Izhar

Islamic Education Coordinator

Muaddibah Bahir

Marketing & Digital Media Executive

Nurul Fitriyani binti Hamdan

Charity Manager

Mohd Effuan Aswadi bin Abdul Wahab

Finance, HR & Admin Executive

Nur Jeehan Liszmy Johari

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