Learning from the community

Nov 20, 2019 | News

PERLIS seems to thrive on the tagline “small is beautiful”‎ popularised by a book with the same title. The state has implemented a number of outreach programmes and policies in favour of its rakyat.

I was fortunate last weekend to take part in a five-kilometre bicycle ride, Kayuhan Jalinan Muhabbah Jamalulail, which was organised to reach out to the needy and destitute in a rural area.

Heading the group was the regent of Perlis, who was accompanied by an entourage of some 25 riders from different agencies, non-governmental organisations and various institutions partnering International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM).

Perlis has also been successful with its “food for education” programme. This is not a million-ringgit food handout that could be milked for publicity, rather it is a low-key, down-to-earth effort, with enough for deserving families to keep them going.

In return, the children from these families must attend school and follow the lessons to qualify to stay in the programme.

This programme was initiated by Mercy Mission Malaysia (not to be confused with the disaster relief entity). It is now supported by IIUM, LeapEd Services – Malaysia’s only homegrown social entrepreneur on school transformation – and the appropriate ministerial partnership.

The programme is expanding into many other schools in the state in tandem with the Kayuhan experience of “no one is left behind”.

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