10 Places You Can Volunteer in KL Other Than SPCA and PAWS

Apr 10, 2019 | News

Growing up, plenty of values were instilled into our minds of being grateful and giving back to our community. Whether it’s through planting one extra tree in our country, or teaching a child how to read, giving back is important and it’s something every human is responsible for.

Though, whenever volunteering is brought up, the most common organisations that come to mind are pet shelters like SPCA and PAWS.

So, why not take one day or two out of your week and spend some time volunteering at these places that need the extra hands? Here are 10 NGOs you could volunteer at that aren’t the most commonly mentioned.

4. Charity Right Malaysia

Charity Right is an initiative started by Mercy Mission Malaysian back in 2012. They provide at least 1000 children and families with a steady source of meals, this is so the kids won’t have to carry the burden of supporting their families and leave school prematurely.


Volunteers play their part in customising food boxes consisting of basic raw products curated by nutritionists. Brainstorming and tutoring activities will be held depending on availability, as the kids maintain the regular schedule of public schools. Volunteers can also participate in some of the organisation’s outdoor trips and sessions to create a strong bond between beneficiaries.

Should I make a booking?

Operating hours are from 9am to 6pm daily. Volunteers are encouraged to spend 2 to 3 hours conducting their activities. The organisation is responsible for assigning groups to orphanages and schools depending on the number of volunteers. They do not limit the number of people in a group, however, please do inform on your planned visit at least 2 weeks in advance.

Should I bring anything?

The organisation is open to volunteers coming up with their own creative and fun tutoring activities. Hence, do provide them with a plan of action when making your arrangement to visit.

Other requests

Monetary compensations are encouraged, as it will help the charity tackle malnutrition in children, lighten the burden of underprivileged families, and motivate kids to attend school regularly.

Tasks: Packing boxes of food, teaching and brainstorming with children.


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