Monthly Online Tarbiyyah Programme for Sisters

Being ME in collaboration with Ustadha Alima Ashfaq, is pleased to offer you a Tarbiyyah programme to help you build a strong connection with Allah. This is a 12-month programme held monthly on the third Monday of the month. The topics also relate to the Islamic calendar.

The aim of the programme is:

– To strengthen your connection and increase your faith in Allah, and also raise your standards in your worship.
– To make your worship meaningful and a spiritual experience.
– We aim to take you through a range of important topics and give you relevant, inspiring and practical advice on living an Islamic lifestyle with Allah (s) at the core of your being.
– Address common challenges and offer solutions from the Qur’an and Sunnah.
– To connect you with teachers who understand your struggles and are committed to your spiritual growth.

You have been created to live gracious, fulfilling lives, and through this have a beautiful and meaningful relationship with Allah.
Allah must be your first and Allah must be your last. He is Al-Muhyi, The Giver of Life and Al-Mumit, The Giver of Death.

January : Purification of the Heart
February : Loving the Al-Mighty – Asma Al-Husna
March : Preparing for Ramadan & Making the Most out of Sha’ban
April : The Majestic Qur’an – Me, Allah and My Qur’an
May : My obstacles to my journey to Allah and Staying
June : Loving the Beloved salAllahu ‘alayhi wassallam
July : Hajj – A story of persistence, sacrifice and divine love.
August : Lessons from the life of Prophet Musa alayhi-salam
September : Understanding your enemy : A study of Shaytan.
October : A Quranic Strategy to Success
November : Salah : The Daily Transformer
December : Sacred lessons from Sayyida Maryam alayha-salam

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