Pssst! Everyone does. You are not alone.

At times we do not know the best way to overcome our situation, especially when you feel alone.

Taking a step might seem scary and the feeling of being judged once you reach out is a mutual feeling.

This January, we want to give our sisters a safe space.

A space for you to share your emotions.

A space for you to share your struggles.

A space for you to be your natural self.

A space for you to start building yourself.

A space for you to empower each other.

We will be conducting a workshop on how you can help yourself to help yourself. We will be creating our own personal toolbox that will help you overcome your daily trials and struggles.

Sisters, this is for you. For us!

  • It will make you understand yourself better
  • We will guide you to develop a better you
  • We will plan out together, to overcome matters that makes you feel as so
  • You don’t have to struggle in silence alone
  • Your best self will be empowering other sisters, giving them strength

Indeed, Allah would never change a people’s state ˹of favour˺ until they change their own state ˹of faith˺. (Ar-Ra’d: 11)

Get To Know Your Instructors

Che Puan Sarimah Ibrahim

She’s a psychology graduate from College of Allied Educators, Singapore. Che Puan Sarimah is very much a vocal advocate for self growth and mental health awareness having been invited as a speaker at several youth and University forums nationwide.

Dr. Atiyah Azmi

Dr Atiyah Azmi also known as Mama Tiyah, is a mother of 5 children. She graduated with a Medical degree from IIUM. She then ventured into the world of personal development, education and modest fashion.

Sr Ayesha Syahira

Ayesha Syahira, a Quran Mentor, Muslim Life Coach and an author. She is an accountancy graduate but eventually found love in spreading dakwah and pursued her dreams to become the next Yasmin Mogahed Malaysia version.
Her tagged Quran that she always carries around has always been the talk of the town. She is always being asked about her Quran that she later started her Quran tag workshop in 2017. The Quran tag was another major success for her, and she was offered for her own Quran Tag program in 2018 on Astro and Naura channel, ever since then, she was known as the #qurantaggirl.

Sr Nadrah Mustafa

She is an avid believer in Play, Experience and Expressive Art as forms of learning and growth; particularly after reading Dr. Winnicott on Playing during her graduate year at the University of Kent, UK.
After graduating with Masters of Science in Psychotherapy Studies, she came back to Malaysia and kick started her career as a play-ologist for toddlers. She  started working full time as a Psychology Officer cum Counsellor at the International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM), after lecturing part time in several private colleges and universities in Malaysia. While serving at IIUM, Nadrah ventured into Expressive Art Therapy, an intervention I believe strongly that could facilitate growth in individuals of all ages – adults and children alike. She is also continuously learning and deepening her interest in Islamic Psychotherapy and Healing.