Current Projects

Social Services

Charity Right is an international food aid organisation that works in neglected communities around the world, feeding forgotten and underserved individuals

Our meals support schoolchildren and adults in refugee camps, slums, jungles, and remote villages across Asia, Africa, and Europe.

Currently we are operating in Malaysia, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Sudan, and Turkey.

Children from these areas don’t often have the opportunity to escape poverty, but by providing regular meals at school, they are more likely to stay in education, which means they have a chance at a prosperous future.

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Refugee Empowerment Project

The Refugee Empowerment Project aims to provide consistent and quality education to refugee children to ensure that, despite the hardships that they have had to endure, they are not left behind in terms of their education. The program is currently focused only on the primary level.

Marginalised Communities Charity / Empowerment Programs

Marginalised communities charity / empowerment programs dedicated to help B40’s community, refugees and also orang asli community. We believes that those community deserve equal opportunities and resources for them to realised their full potentials and thus will generate benefits not just for the community but also for the nation and ummah at large.

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